Klaviaturlås - Universal 125mm - 175mm

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Fallboard Clamp UNIVERSAL,

fixed, foldaway and height adjustable

The newly developed fallboard clamp UNIVERSAL consists of a

base plate built into the keybed with an in-built side key cylinder

and a pivot ing and foldaway security lock. "UNIVERSAL" has

three notable advantages in comparison to the current fallboard

clamps on the market .

1. The fallboard clamp UNIVERSAL is a fitted lock which is

fixed to the instrument not only when closed, but also

when open. This is made possible due to a clamp with a

hinge mechanism which can be rotated by up to 90°. This

enables the clamp to be turned and pushed under the

console and then fixed in this posit ion into the key


It is, therefore, no longer necessary to remove the clamp

when opening the fallboard. The exasperat ing problem of

laying the clamp to one side, only to never find it again is

hereby avoided.

2. The clamp height, and consequent ly the posit ion of the

clamp on the fallboard can be measured when installing

the clamp and is then screwed into place. The need to

visit a customer far away to measure the height of the

fallboard or to carry out other f it ting calculat ions before

order ing the part disappears with UNIVERSAL. This

characterist ic makes the clamp all-purpose; it can be

installed in the most diverse of instruments.

3. The movement of the clamp is controlled by a fine groove

in the guide rod within the lock, so that in the case of

rough handling, it is not possible for the clamp to hit the

fallboard, thus avoiding any damage to the instrument.