Audient Sono

USB gitar recording interface fra Audient.

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Built for guitarists. Record with any tone you want.

The Audient Sono USB Audio Interface for Guitar allows you to record genuine
guitar tones using the built analogue technology.

The built-in 12AX7 valve offers real analogue warmth and allows you to access
those classic guitar tones. Shape your sound further using the 3 band analogue
tone control. Add body to your heavy tones or add a bit of vibrancy to your clean
tones. Perfect for acquiring the exact sound you hear in your head.

Not only do you get powerful hardware emulation. You also get Two Notes´ powerful
Torpedo Remote software. Their renowned amp modelling simulation.

Accurately emulate the sound and process of miking up a genuine guitar or bass
cabinet all whilst sat at your computer.


  • Built in 12AX7 Valve
  • 3 band analogue tone control
  • Two Notes Torpedo remote software
    • 8 Live Rooms
    • 8+ Microphones
    • Loads of classic amps and cabs
    • Expanding library of new cabs
  • 3 preset storage
  • Zero Latency Recording
  • Easy pedal board integration
  • Two Audient consolo microphone pre amps
  • Re-amping
  • ADAT exapansion


  • ADAT Input for Expandability
  • Main Speaker Output
  • Independent Headphone Output
  • USB2.0 Compliant
  • 24bit/96khz
  • All-Metal Enclosure
  • Dimensions: 22.8cm (w) x 18.7cm (l)