Oasis OH-14 Case Plus+ Humidifier

Er en spesialdesignet luftfukter til å legge i instrumentkassen.

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The OH-14 Case Plus+ humidifier can be used to humidify the guitar by attaching the
clip over the backside of the case.

The humidifier can also be used in stringed instrument cases such as violin, viola or
cello by attaching the stainless steel strip to the inside of the instrument case with the
double sided tape.

The steel clip and strip give the user a wide variety of ways to attach the humidifier to
the case. A 10 cc syringe for distilled water filling control is also included.

OH-14 Case Plus+ Humidifier
Simple installation
You can see when Oasis is ready for refill
Long lasting humidification
Won't leak due to overfilling